How leï clothing team is working for the new collection

Per chi fosse particolarmente curioso, oggi vi mostriamo alcune nostre foto mentre lavoriamo per la nuova collezione leï clothing (s/s 2015). Se fate attenzione, potete capire chi/cosa ci ha ispirate e captare delle piccole anticipazioni.

For those who are particularly curious, in this post we show you some pictures of us while we are working for the next leï clothing collection (s/s 2015). If you are careful, you can understand who/what inspired us and see some little previews.

Para quién es especialmente curioso, hoy os mostramos algunas de nuestras fotos mientras trabajamos en la nueva colección leï clothing (s/s 2015). Si prestais atención podreis ver quién o que nos inspira y captar pequeños adelantos.

IMG_2826 2(Selfie in the 8B office – yes, we have dark circles: we are working a lot)

IMG_2801 2(sewing the prototype)

IMG_2798 2(fabric that we loved at first sight)

IMG_2774 2 (break: with the lovely Miel)

10893702_929678437050974_2066293788_n 2(turban sketch)

IMG_2819 2(having fun while working. It is so tiring being serious all the time)

IMG_2809 2(some sketches)

IMG_2810 2(beauty: Inma)

10904079_10205336587716201_981313909_n 2(turban band sketch)

IMG_2815 2(deciding which clothes items we will manufacture)

IMG_2786 2(some first sketches)

IMG_2813 2(drawing – sketching)



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